Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Awesome dice accessories: Mortivoreium

Hi everyone!

Today I want to introduce to you some amazing dice jewelry pieces made by Mortivoreium. The amazing author behind these art pieces is Cynthia Kitzmiller from Los Angeles.

As she wrote herself she designs and crafts art jewelry inspired by fantasy & sci-fi themed tabletop RPGs, movies, video games and stories. Her work is detailed with themes inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, some pieces are directly inspired by her adventures playing with friends. She loves to give each piece a distinctive structure with touches of skulls, bones, armory and monstrous iconography. She uses a variety of mixed metals, RPG mini's and polyhedral dice.

She enjoys the process of designing and fabricating jewelry and accessories, she has also worked behind the scenes of some jewelry, clothing, design and supply oriented businesses. She enjoys creating all kinds of things, while continuing to expand her knowledge and delight in learning about how things are made. She also dabbles in 3D modeling, wax carving, lost wax casting, silversmithing and miniature sculpture. Other hobbies and interests include costume design, PC gaming, sewing, digital design and admiring the art and sculptures of other fellow artists.

She seems like a cool person and you can see it in her jewerly:

As you can see her pieces are amazingly detailed and creative. I just adore her necklaces and can look at them all the time, I must buy one from her in the nearest future.

be sure to check her on Etsy, facebook, twitter, google+, devinatart

I hope you enjoyed looking at her jewelry as I do!
Have a dice day!

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