Friday, December 23, 2011

Let it snow

Hello :)
I hope you're all doing great. I can't find time to write here recently, just busy with life & stuff. I wanted to wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :) :) :)

Also, I've been celebrating my birthday last week, it was so much fun!

I have new dice, new ideas so hopefully you'll see more of that soon :)
And for now you can read an interview with me on this awesome blog click here

Friday, November 11, 2011


Today, in Poland (it's where I live) we're celebrating Independence Day. I am really proud to be Polish and I think it's really great to be a part of this community.

Poland is a country in central Europe, boarded by Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, the Baltic Sea, Kaliningrad Oblast, a Russian exclave.

Every year on 11 November we celebrate National Independence Day in Poland to commemorate the anniversary of Poland's assumption of independent statehood in 1918 after 123 years of partition by Russia, Prussia and Austria.

On this date we hang our flag in front of our houses, sing patriotic songs and spend the day with our families.

I made a treasury on etsy featuring polish artists to celebrate this day, check it out!

click here to see it on etsy

Monday, November 7, 2011

Steampunk dice

Long absence, I know, but recently my life has been so crazy that I hardly have time to sleep the proper amount of time... but enough about my life, I don't want to bore you with that. Today I wanted to share with you my steampunk dice necklaces/pedants. Some of you might already seen them at my other sites or in my etsy shop MageStudio

I used D12 and D20 steampunk q-workshop dice. I love q-workshop dice, they are really precise and made from great materials, fantastic quality and they have so many variates to choose from! I wish I could have all of them :D

I drilled the holes in them myself :) I love drilling, it really addicting... haha :D
I also used some parts of a clock, some cogs and stuff like that and added little glass beads to make it more girly and shiny :D

The D12 dice is on a green suede string which measures approx. 60cm/23in (regulated between 55-60cm/21-23in)

D20 dice is on a brown string which measures approx. 46cm/18in (regulated between 42-46cm/16-18in)

I am also thinking about making other things from those and other dies, hopefully really soon (I am waiting for new supplies at this very moment)

Are there any dice you would like to see as necklaces/pedants? Or maybe you also make dice jewelry? I would love to see your makings :)
Love to all!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Only For True Postapocalypse Fans.

Recently while browsing through ETSY I came across an amazing item which would be perfect for home of any apocalypse fan... a Nuke Lamp. Yes, a NUKE lamp! How awesome is that?

It's made in some kind of 3D printing techonlogy, it looks totally awesome!
Unfortunately as any postapo stuff it's beyond my money range so I can only dream about it or hope for good luck and win lots of money in a lottery.

You can see and buy the lamp here

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tired of diets?

You can't resist eating and going on diets makes you crazy? You don't have time to work out? There is one perfect solution... eat fit cutlery! :D
What is that you may ask...
A set of cutlery, but not just an ordinary one, a heavy one.

But don't fool yourself, it won't make you skinny, to do that you really have to work out, but it sure won't help you to put on some weight. I am sure it will discourage anyone to eat because when you feel like eating some ice creams you'll probably think "damn, I want those ice creams but the spoon is so heavy"

Serously, I think this is an awesome idea :D And when you'll buy it you won't be able to afford food :D

You can buy and read more about this fantastic set here

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fallout Shelter

As you all might have guessed that I am a big fan of postapo/fallout. I really like the world and the climate of this rpg system. And as a geeky gril I made a pair of geeky earrings:

You can order them in my etsy shop click here

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dice pedants

So I had the time today to make new dice pedants and here you can see the outcome:

nuclear k20 (glowes in the dark):

nuclear k12 (glowes in the dark):

elvish k20:

I drilled the holes in them myself and added suede strings and some metal parts.
The steampunk ones will need more time :)
You can buy those pedants in my etsy shop click here

Friday, September 16, 2011

New dices :)

yay! Finally new dices came today :) :) :)

I will make jewelry from them, earrings and necklaces/pedants, just like I did here:

Which one do you like the most?
I love them all, they are so awesome, they have great designes, colours and the quality is just wonderful!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Story of Stuff

Have you ever wondered why stuff available in big chain shops, supermarkets etc. is so much cheaper than the handmade stuff? Why bother to buy handmade earrings for 20$ if you can get a pair for 2$? Well the answer is simple and it's not "because handmade artists want to be extremely rich" Just watch this awesome video and see for yourselves: (the video is rather about the consumption of our times than handmade stuff but I think the point here is clear)
the story of stuff

This video also inspired me to do more recycled/upcycled jewelry and accessories so you can expect it soon :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fallout monopoly

Recently I came a cross a handmade Fallout monopoly! Yes, a FALLOUT MONOPOLY! How cool is that? When I saw it I though it's some kind of limited edition because it looks so professional both in design and technical side. But see for yourselves:

The author of this awesome monopoly edition is Elisabeth Redel and made this as a gift for her boyfriend, now that's a dream of every geek! :D

Be sure to visit her profile on deviantart PINKAXOLOTL

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lego Magic

I know it's been a while and to be honest I'm not realy a blog person so I write only when I feel like it :)

Today I wanted to show you some amazing photos by Mike Stimpson with the usage of LEGO! His photos not only include lego but also have connotation with some famous movies, people, places, art etc. Most of his photos contain Star Wars Lego charaters and I'm impressed by how many different photos and ideas Mike has.

Besied the amazing ideas and great lego charatcers his photos have great quality. What more can you ask for?

Be sure to check out his sites:

I remember playing a lot with lego as a child, it sure was a lot of fun :) Wish I had some lego now, I would try my skills and make some photos :D Maybe when my nephew is older I'll buy him some, this way he will have some toys to play and I will be able to have some fun with him too :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Just another nice day in Nuclearland

fot. Ɓukasz Domaradzki

So recently I came back from Old Town, the biggest post-apo event in Poland. I had the greatest time there! I am the blond one :)
You can also find this photo on my

But enough about that. Let's talk about jewelry! I made a new pedant today. (yay!) It combines 3 thing I really like:
1. dice
2. post-apo
3. geekery

So here's like it looks:

I used nuclear phosphorescent k20 dice from q-workshop. I drilled the hole in it myself. I also used black suede string and some metal parts.

Total lenght: aprox. 55cm/ (regulated between 49-55cm)

+ it glows in the dark! Isn't that awesome? (sorry for the bad quality photo)

You can find the pedant in my etsy shop cklik here

I had a nice day today :) Hope you did too! :) :) :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Welcome to my wonderland + contest

Welcome to my world of dreams :) In this blog I will be focused on hand-made jewelry and accessories (mine and others). I will be sharing with you the treasures I will find, my interest and passions. Simply everything I love :)
Hope you'll nejoy vivisting this my page.

My first entry is focused on a wonderful contest! You can win 16 hand-made items! To take part in this and give yourself a chance to be a lucky winner simply visit this site:

Rules are very simple, just leave a comment (only 1!) under the treasury :)
The contest lasts a week and the winner will be chosen randomly by a computer application.

Be sure to also visit my shop!
Ingeniuos Design

Have a nice day!