Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Photo-shoot teaser

Hello world!

Few days ago I was in Poznań (a city in Poland, Europe). I spent a whole day on a photo-shoot set and I met a lot of interesting and talented people there. I had the opportunity to lent my jewelry for this photo session thanks to the wonderful photographer Agnieszka Werecha (aka magnesina) from TiAmoFoto
The main concept of the session was inspired by Stephen Johnson's psychological theory of Character Styles, but Agnieszka also managed to take some photos of mine (and others') jewelry. It was very hard and tiring day for everyone (the session took about 10h! and some of us had to spend some more in a train) but the outcome is fantastic and here is a proof of that:

More to come soon.

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Keep tuned!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter

Hello world!
I haven't written anything for quite a while (I am a lazy blogger) and I'd like to wish you Happy Easter! (I know I'm late but I had internet troubles for last couple days so I hope you'll understand that).
My Easter was quite a surprise, we had snow (in spring!)
Among other news, some of my earrings will be on a photo-shoot soon (I hope nothing will come in the way) and I'm very happy about that! :)))
I really can't wait when real spring will kick in because it's cold and I want to feel the sun on my face not the wind!

Here are Easter eggs which I made myself:

I made those with wax technique that one of my dearest friends taught me few years ago. Still, I can't make them as perfect as she does but they have they charm... I think :)

Oh, I was in Poznań recently on Pyrkon (one of the biggest conventions in Poland) and I've met Yoda!

Have a wonderful day!