Friday, August 22, 2014

A Custom Order for Claire


Sometimes people ask me for custom orders, especially for their weddings. They want something special just for them or just can't find what they want in my shop. I am happy to help their ideas becoming a reality. Clarie was one of the amazing customers that contacted me through my facebook fanpage. She wanted a dragon pendant, matching garter for herself and cufflinks for her fiance for their wedding. All three pieces with Elven dice from Q-workshop. It was a pleasure to make all of that for her. the pendant and garter have a D20 Elven dice in black and red, for the cufflinks I used a D10 and D100 Elven dice in black and white.

My heart grows knowing that somewhere in the world there are people getting married and they want to wear jewelry, garters and cufflinks from me! I wish all of them and all of you all the best!

And here are the photos of the pieces I made for Claire:

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