Monday, November 7, 2011

Steampunk dice

Long absence, I know, but recently my life has been so crazy that I hardly have time to sleep the proper amount of time... but enough about my life, I don't want to bore you with that. Today I wanted to share with you my steampunk dice necklaces/pedants. Some of you might already seen them at my other sites or in my etsy shop MageStudio

I used D12 and D20 steampunk q-workshop dice. I love q-workshop dice, they are really precise and made from great materials, fantastic quality and they have so many variates to choose from! I wish I could have all of them :D

I drilled the holes in them myself :) I love drilling, it really addicting... haha :D
I also used some parts of a clock, some cogs and stuff like that and added little glass beads to make it more girly and shiny :D

The D12 dice is on a green suede string which measures approx. 60cm/23in (regulated between 55-60cm/21-23in)

D20 dice is on a brown string which measures approx. 46cm/18in (regulated between 42-46cm/16-18in)

I am also thinking about making other things from those and other dies, hopefully really soon (I am waiting for new supplies at this very moment)

Are there any dice you would like to see as necklaces/pedants? Or maybe you also make dice jewelry? I would love to see your makings :)
Love to all!


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