Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tired of diets?

You can't resist eating and going on diets makes you crazy? You don't have time to work out? There is one perfect solution... eat fit cutlery! :D
What is that you may ask...
A set of cutlery, but not just an ordinary one, a heavy one.

But don't fool yourself, it won't make you skinny, to do that you really have to work out, but it sure won't help you to put on some weight. I am sure it will discourage anyone to eat because when you feel like eating some ice creams you'll probably think "damn, I want those ice creams but the spoon is so heavy"

Serously, I think this is an awesome idea :D And when you'll buy it you won't be able to afford food :D

You can buy and read more about this fantastic set here

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