Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Story of Stuff

Have you ever wondered why stuff available in big chain shops, supermarkets etc. is so much cheaper than the handmade stuff? Why bother to buy handmade earrings for 20$ if you can get a pair for 2$? Well the answer is simple and it's not "because handmade artists want to be extremely rich" Just watch this awesome video and see for yourselves: (the video is rather about the consumption of our times than handmade stuff but I think the point here is clear)
the story of stuff

This video also inspired me to do more recycled/upcycled jewelry and accessories so you can expect it soon :)

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MADA said...

I am very happy that you posted "The story Of Stuff" at your blog! As more people will see it the better for all of us and our Planet.
Can't wait to see your new crations