Saturday, February 15, 2014



Today, I just want to sum up this week. It was really great for me, I got back to blogging here and my shop was featured on a few blogs.

First I was featured on Geek Girls ! You can also follow their Facebook page here. I love their blog, they show many amazing coslplays, talented people and other cool stuff. I love reading their posts or simply looking at the photos so I was thrilled to be featured there.

Secondly, my jewelry got posted on Fusion-Freak, a Spanish site, you can also find them on Facebook here. It was great to see my dice posted in another language and it reminded me that I have to get better with my Spanish as I learned a bit of it in the past but sadly I forgot most of it.

And last but not least, I've been featured on Fashionably Geek, they have Facbook page as well, you can see it here. This is another fantastic page that shows everything a geek might want so go check them out!

And if you haven't yet, follow me on Facebook and visit my Etsy store.

So, that's been an amazing week, I hope it was too for you!

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