Thursday, February 20, 2014

Awesome dice: Steampunk white & black set


From time to time I will present you some dice sets of my choice (but I'm open to suggestions!). Today lest look at Steampunk white & black set from Q-workshop.

So here is the set in a box, I think it's packed neatly, the dice can't scratch one another during the shipping and they present themselves pretty awesome.

Steampunk dice are my favorite design from Q-workshop. Just look at them, how can you not like them?

But let's look at each dice separately.

First, D4.
I think it's the hardest one to read from the whole set, the numbers ape quite small and get lost and you have to think which number is not there because that's the number it presents, however they are still readable and quite awesome.

This is a perfect balance, the numbers are clear and the design is vivid.

This one is also great, clear numbers and nice design.

D10 & D100.
I think these tow have more vivid numbers than the rest but it might be just my impression, anyway they look great.

I really like how the round design works here.

My favorite one, mostly because the number 20 is replaced by a symbol of a toothed bar.

Let me know if you like this set or not and why :) I am really curious about your opinions.

Have dice day!

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