Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I'm back

Hey! I got back on Sunday from Audioriver Festival, I was supposed to write this post on Monday but I had to rest after such a tiring weekend, but it was worth it! Two days of awesome music on a beach by a river are just something I was waiting for a whole year and I started counting days to next year edition.

Here are some photos of the festival area, forgive me the quality but my phone doesn't make the best photos.

and here's one with me:

During the first day of concerts there was a rainbow:

If you like electronic music you should go to this festival next year. This year I danced and screamed to Paul Kalkbrenner, Gus Gus, Mr. Oizo <3 and many more! During the day I chilled on the beach and in a small, cool lake. It is the best festival ever! But that wasn't all for this weekend because when I got back home, there was a package waiting for me.

Can you guess what's in it?

Yes... it's new dice from Chessex!!!!

They are awesome! Each one is different and unique & I can't wait to turn them into jewelry so stay tuned!

Have a great day!

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