Sunday, July 21, 2013

Etsy Finds #2

This post is entirely devoted to summer as I am already thinking about my summer break trip. Thus, all my finds for this post are bright, colorful and cheerful (Yay summer!)

Let's start with lollipops. Who doesn't like lollipops? They remind me of childhood, and summer is a bit like returning to childhood when you're biggest problem is that you want a lollipop ;) and when you can do anything because there are no barriers for your imagination. I wonder if these lollipops are as tasty as they look.

My next finds from Vice & Velvet may not be edible but they are surely tempting. These Jewel Soap Favours do not only look amazing but they are also personalized. You can have your name or a date on them. Isn't this amazing?

And they come in lovely boxes!

I couldn't have summer theme without rainbow ombre tights. I love pastels, I love rainbow and I love this motif of ombre which is really popular now. What could have more summer feeling than these:

Summer is also full of insects and such, we hate most of them but some are really beautiful and so is this dragonfly necklace. It stole my heart the first second I saw it. Isn't it amazing?

Ok, the next thing I want to show you is rather bold and I don't know if I would wear it (maybe just at home) but it's so lovely that it would be nice to have it :) Would you wear this rose crown by Ella Gajewska?

I am truly enchanted by this Chinese embroidery bag. I know that not everyone may like this color combination but you can find more in the shop. I think the details and the work are simply amazing.

Recently I've been into hippie style and these barefoot sandals are stunning! All those colors and feathers, just amazing!

And with this cheerful mood we've come to the end of this post.
Have a great week!


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