Friday, September 21, 2012

Through the Looking Glass

For some time now I've been in love with dome glass jewelry and tiny bottles filled with brocade and other adorable and cute things, they look so magical, like from a fairy tale or from Alice stories.


I think the allure of the glass lies in the fact that it's fragile and also that it distorts the world when you look through it. Creating something unusual and mysterious.
Tiny bottles are even more amazing, especially when you fill them with something like liquid, tiny paper or some magic dust.



I was inspired by many photos I've seen, mainly on deviantart and jewelry on etsy to make wy own versions of glass jewelry. I used glass domes and tiny bottles to make the magic happen as well as brocade and micro balls in all the colors of rainbow.

First thing that I made were earrings, I call them 'love potions'.

After some time I wanted to make something new, and that's how I started to make dome glass miniature terrarium jewelry. My first ring was inspired by works of other sellers on etsy with the most common themes: woodland, pine cone and toadstools.

However, I still wanted to do something different, and that's when I realize that those glass domes remind me of snow globes I used to have in childhood. And so I decided to try to make snow globe rings, filled with water, brocade and something more... an Eiffel Tower and Big Ben. The snow globes usually can be bought as a souvenir with a city's best known architecture feature.

If you also happen to make glass jewelry or any other kind of art, please share it, I would love to see it!

Have a nice day,

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