Friday, September 14, 2012

breaking things

I have the biggest 'luck' or maybe it's rather an ability to make impossible things happen like this time I broke a jack from my speakers and a part of it reamined inside of my laptop. I don't know how I do this things but they happen to me quite often. The guys at apple center gave me a weird look when I showed them what happened. They have to open my laptop to take it out. However, there is always a good side to such stories when they happen to me, they will replace my laptop frame for free (it is all cracked as my mac has 4 years). So my computer will be brand new when I'll get it back, which will be on Tuesday... which is a long time and I will miss it with my whole heart (I love my laptop <3). I also have to replace my old batterry as it swelled (not sure if the word for this is correct).

I also broke a lamp the same day I stuck the jakc in the laptop. It was a day full of 'breaking' things. The funny fact is that the lamp is still working, just the lamp is not attached to the frame anymore and is hanging on a wire only. So I need to buy a new one I guess.

Lots of expenses this week, but what can you do?

Also I was supposed to move out from my parents and rent an apartment with friends but the owner of the apartment said that we no longer can live there so we need to find a new one.

So I hope that the universe is fair and something good is about to happen soon :)


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