Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Awesome Dice Set: Japanese Dice


Sorry for my long absence but I was busy with preparing for a convention (which btw was fantastic!). I'm back now & today I want to show you a lovely set of dice. I will probably appeal more to the female part of my readers but I'm sure that men can also appreciate good design, even if it's full of flowers. So let's look closer at Japanese Dice Set from Q-workshop.

I've chosen white and red set with flowers but there are also other colors available without the flowers. Dice were designed by Mariana Yamamoto.

The set came in a simple box with number translation at the back for those who do not know Japanese symbols.

Here's the set without the box.

I think the amount of flowers is balanced, we can easily see the numbers so the dice are both readable and beautiful :)

Now let's have closer look at each dice separately:

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