Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter

Hello world!
I haven't written anything for quite a while (I am a lazy blogger) and I'd like to wish you Happy Easter! (I know I'm late but I had internet troubles for last couple days so I hope you'll understand that).
My Easter was quite a surprise, we had snow (in spring!)
Among other news, some of my earrings will be on a photo-shoot soon (I hope nothing will come in the way) and I'm very happy about that! :)))
I really can't wait when real spring will kick in because it's cold and I want to feel the sun on my face not the wind!

Here are Easter eggs which I made myself:

I made those with wax technique that one of my dearest friends taught me few years ago. Still, I can't make them as perfect as she does but they have they charm... I think :)

Oh, I was in PoznaƄ recently on Pyrkon (one of the biggest conventions in Poland) and I've met Yoda!

Have a wonderful day!

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